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A New Trade Association

The Tracking and Aftermarket Security System Association (TASSA) was formed by aftermarket industry manufacturers and traders who are at the forefront of solutions for vehicle crime prevention. In 2016 Thatcham announced that from 31st December 2018 it will no longer accredit Aftermarket Alarms, Immobilisers and Opportunist Theft Deterrents.

In addition, those tracking systems meeting Thatcham categories 5, 6 and 7 would no longer be able to acquire any certification from December 2018. TASSA gave a collective industry voice to ask insurers that the aftermarket certification be retained by Thatcham.

For many businesses and vehicle owners it is important that there are standards to ensure the reliability and effectiveness of products.

Whilst Thatcham will continue to do this for some aftermarket products as well as vehicle manufacturers original equipment. (OEMs) This leaves a large amount of aftermarket security products unregulated and unverified. The new TASSA trade body will provide its own alternative set of standards for its members. This will meet the needs of the wider community and changes in technology.

Our Story

Having spent a collective of some 75 years working within Thatcham Research and the Metropolitan Police. Our team have been experienced in setting the vehicle Insurance ratings and security standards, for both the Aftermarket and vehicle OEMs for all vehicle types across the globe.

An example of this work included promoting and providing research for corrective actions for both the Aftermarket and OEM’s,  this drove passenger car theft down from 625,000 to 75,000 and also impacted theft from.

This work wasn’t limited to just passenger cars. We have been tackling crime involving motorcycle, light van and commercial vehicles (including HGV, construction plant and agricultural equipment).

Today we research and set best practice for predominately the aftermarket security systems of all vehicle and equipment types countering theft and fraud. We can also assist OEMs with brand protection, help protect insurers from possible fraud and support the police with expert witness statements, vehicle identification and other areas. VSST is highly respected within the industry for providing trustworthy advice, in a particularly confidential field, with many different stakeholders from around the world.

In 2016 with the threatened loss of certification, recognition and standards for the Aftermarket and System Installers, VSST Ltd was approached to establish a programme that would give reassurance and credibility to customers and key industry stakeholders having systems fitted.

In response to the news of the creation of TASSA, industry feedback has been positive:

Although Thatcham Research is not affiliated or connected with any such organisations, it is supportive of the aftermarket security industry and any trade associations that represent their interests.”   – (Thatcham)

Our Goals are simple...
To maintain standards
Our Goals are simple...
To support law enforcement
Our Goals are simple...
To continually improve standards
Our Goals are simple...
To create a database of installed systems
Our Goals are simple...
To provide solutions to combat future vehicle crime
Our Goals are simple...
To act on behalf of its members providing 'one voice'
Our Goals are simple...
To gain industry recognision in the UK and internationally
Our Goals are simple...
To work with industry partners to provide a joined up approach

Meet the team

Mike Briggs

Mike has worked in the automotive industry for over 39 years, 22 of those being at the insurer’s research centre, Thatcham. Mike joined as a Vehicle Security Engineer in 1995 and then progressed through the ranks to becoming one of the most well-known and respected names in the industry. Mike led the team for many years, opening new paths, developing new ideas and solutions. As well as working alongside numerous Vehicle Manufacturers of all vehicle and equipment types, Law Enforcement, Governments and other vehicle security organisations on a global scale. With the overall goal to find solutions and to reduce vehicle crime.

Simon Ashton

Having worked within the Organised Vehicle Crime Unit (New Scotland Yard). Simon had a direct and unique responsibility to work with vehicle manufacturers and insurers to recognise the risk posed to the motor industry from vehicle theft and fraud. Also Simon taught on the auto crime course, giving the on vehicle assessment section. This enabled officers to face real life scenarios with a real life outcome.

Martyn Randle

He joined Mike Simon and Howard at VSST Ltd in 2019 to continue the struggle against vehicle crime and vehicle enabled crime.​

Martyn Randle was the Senior Engineer in the Vehicle Security Department of Thatcham (the insurance research centre). He was responsible many criterion. With passenger car security including electro-mechanical and electronic (alarms and immobilisers) being first. As the lead engineer he set standards for construction plant and agricultural equipment as well as working with policing and government in setting tracking standards. He joined Mike Simon and Howard at VSST Ltd in 2019 to continue the struggle against vehicle crime and vehicle enabled crime.

Howard Barron

With a wealth of experience Howard's involvement in VSST and TASSA brings another string to the bow of the Association.​

Howard has worked in the motor insurance industry for over 30 years, predominately within industry trade bodies representing the interests of insurers from a vehicle risk perspective. Whether from repair, safety or security. He started his insurance career at the Association of British Insurers, where he worked representing the insurance industry for 18 years. During this time, he evolved the UK Insurance Group Rating system and helped to set standards for vehicle security. This theme carried on when Howard left the ABI to run the Vehicle Security Installation Board, responsible for upholding standards for the installation of aftermarket security systems.

Feedback from Webinar
Very well presented and an interesting topic. Some good advice
Feedback from Webinar
Fascinating and valuable insights. A very knowledgeable presenter
Feedback from Webinar
Very interesting and informative
Feedback from Webinar
Very Knowledgeable on how theft of vehicles have changed over the last 20 odd years
Feedback from Webinar
A very enlightening briefing on the practice of the cat thief, the many methods used, and the databased components are being exploited. Very useful information…

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do I need to join TASSA as an installation company?
A. No it is not mandatory, however some product companies will ask you to register.

Q. Is TASSA installer equivalent of TRI or VSIB?
A. The process is a next step in the evolution of these schemes with installations linked to the police National computer (PNC) through the TASSA database.

Q. Are all aftermarket companies saying I must be registered?
A. No please check with the product manufacturer.

Q. Will I get audited?
A. All systems are audited 24/7 through collective data. We can also see all installations against theft and customer feedback.

Q. Do I get a certificate when I join?
A. TASSA registration certificate is available upon request .

Q. What can I say when advertising ?
A. Please see advertising on Your guide to becoming TASSA registered .

Q. How many installation companies are there?
A. Please check the counter on the home page.

Q. Is there a limit to using the stolen vehicle check?
A. There is no limit to the amount of searches that can be carried out.

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