Security and Advice from the Metropolitan Police

SECURITY ADVICE FROM THE METROPOLITAN POLICE In these days of being under threat from covid 19 we have had to protect ourselves and our businesses. Hacking and fraud have become a big business opportunity than ever before.  These documents have been released by the Metropolitan police service to help you and your business not to[…]

Branding benefits for TASSA Registered Companies

BRANDING BENEFITS FOR TASSA REGISTERED COMPANIES I am pleased to announce VSST Ltd and TASSA are working together with ArcticLeaf® Creative. One of the benefits of being TASSA registered is that you can have your logo and therefore your company represented on the TASSA website on our home page under “TASSA Registered Installers”. I thought that[…]

Insurance benefit for TASSA Registered Companies

INSURANCE BENEFIT FOR TASSA REGISTERED COMPANIES     VSST Ltd and TASSA working together with Coversure Insurance. The two directors Paul and David are specialists in motor trade insurance covering all aspects from road risk cover, to public liability and tools insurance.  Unlike many brokers who have a restricted panel of insurers they can approach;[…]

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