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The Tracking and Aftermarket Security System Association (TASSA) was formed by aftermarket industry manufacturers and traders who are at the forefront of solutions for vehicle crime prevention. In 2016 Thatcham announced that from 31st December 2018 it will no longer accredit Aftermarket Alarms, Immobilisers and Opportunist Theft Deterrents.

In addition, those tracking systems meeting Thatcham categories 5, 6 and 7 would no longer be able to acquire any certification from December 2018. TASSA gave a collective industry voice to ask insurers that the aftermarket certification be retained by Thatcham.

For many businesses and vehicle owners it is important that there are standards to ensure the reliability and effectiveness of products.

Whilst Thatcham will continue to do this for some aftermarket products as well as vehicle manufacturers original equipment. (OEMs) This leaves a large amount of aftermarket security products unregulated and unverified. The new TASSA trade body will provide its own alternative set of standards for its members. This will meet the needs of the wider community and changes in technology.

Vehicle Security Solutions Today (VSST) was formed to offer consultancy and to provide the right solution to the right problem, first time. Some security systems and procedures may look like they work, but in the long term may not, leading to Higher Risk and Larger Losses.

VSST can help advise as to what procedures and systems do work and what are the best solutions.

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